Friday, June 10, 2011

All Good

Just a quick update to say that Chase did amazingly well for his appointments and procedure at MUSC this week. He had the tubes put in first case on Wednesday (started at 7:30 AM) and we were discharged by 9 AM. Coming out of the anesthesia was pretty hard on him this time around. All of his other procedures (i.e., two heart surgeries and two heart catheterizations) required deeper anesthesia (obviously) so he was kept "under" and comfortable for several hours afterwards. This time it was different. It was more important to be sure he was stable and breathing well than to keep him comfortable (unfortunately). So this meant that when we were called back to see him in recovery, his anesthesiologist (whom we LOVE dearly) was trying his best to comfort Chase, to no avail. Mommy took over, cuddled up with him and tried to get him some juice. He still was NOT happy or comfortable. They ended up giving him some morphine for the pain, but didn't want to put him out with anything stronger than that if they could help it. I was having a hard time getting him to relax and BOY is that kid strong! He was arching his back and flailing in my arms -- it was all I could do to keep him from falling off my lap! But luckily we were able to get him to relax and calm down, without having to give him anything stronger than morphine and some Tylenol.

We were on our way home after relaxing at the hotel for about an hour or so, and had an uneventful trip home. I've had the joy of putting drops in his ears 2x/day for 3 days following his procedure, and (not surprisingly) he's been incredibly awesome with allowing me to put the drops in and hold him on each side for 5 minutes afterwards. I flipped out a bit yesterday morning when he woke up because he had a lot of dried blood outside his right ear. Then I put him in his chair while I got breakfast ready, and noticed him digging in his right ear with his finger, which was then covered with fresh blood. ACK! It kept bleeding slightly for about an hour, even with cotton balls in his ear. I spoke with MUSC and they assured me it was normal to see some bleeding for up to 2 days following the procedure, so that helped me relax a bit. Plus I haven't seen any other problems since yesterday morning and today they both look great!

Of course he's been back to his happy, adorable little self since a few hours after the procedure. It didn't take him long to bounce back and hubs and I feel like we've already seen some improvement. He seems more interested in conversations and is starting to improve some of his sounds. I hope it continues and we see more and more improvements in the coming weeks/months.

Thanks to those of you who lifted us up in prayer for Chase's procedure and our travel to/from MUSC. We appreciate the love and support that the blogging community provides to us throughout our journey.

My sweet little loves...

Pictured above: Chase, Monkey, Beary, LO and Corrina Shorrina


  1. Thank you SO much for letting us know! Way to go, Rock Star :-)

  2. Wonderful to hear that Chase is home and doing well again. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Tina B.

    Mom to Anna Grace