Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey, y'all! I got bored and updated my blog layout. It's nothing exciting or fancy, but I was tired of looking at the old design and gave it a tiny little facelift. Maybe one day I'll bring it up into the 21st century but for now, the current look will have to do.

Other than my little design update, not much is going on here. We're really looking forward to Christmas this weekend! The kids are excited and I'm happy to say I'm 99.9% done with my shopping and wrapping. Woot! This year we'll be spending Christmas Eve with my family after the Christmas Eve communion service at our church. I'm playing one or two piano pieces during the service and MAY even attempt to get LO to sing one of them with me! We'll see if/how that works out... ;) Then Christmas morning it'll be an early day as we'll have to get up and get the kids fed and dressed and ready for our 9:30am church service! It'll be weird not letting them open presents on Christmas morning, but I figure it's all good. After our service we'll head home and let the kiddos rip into their Christmas goodies, eat a yummy late brunch, then head out to spend the rest of the day with hubs' family! It'll be so great getting to see everyone for the holidays! This year will be especially fun because both LO and Chase will be into the presents and excitement of Christmas. I just love those kiddos so much and am so blessed to have the family I do. God has been so very good to us over the past two years especially and we continue to be grateful for His mercies.

I hope and pray all of you have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! Be sure to check back here on the blog on Christmas Day... I'll be sharing a special announcement with all of you lovely readers! ((NO! We're NOT expecting!!!)) LOL!

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