Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teacher Gift Ideas

I have a bad habit of coming up with these grand ideas for gifts, etc. literally months in advance, then letting my poor time management get the best of me, leaving me with only hours to put gifts together for special recipients.

That's where I find myself today.

Tomorrow is LO's last day of school until after the holidays, and I need teacher gifts! I don't have time to troll Pinterest all day, but there are a few ideas I'm considering from there. I just don't know if I'll have adequate time to execute any of these, or if I'll just end up with a Yankee Candle sampler from Kohl's to give to them instead.

Anywho, what do you think of these gift ideas for LO's teachers? I need something quick and easy to make... I like these ideas but I'm sure there are lots of other cutesie homemade gifts that don't look cheap. HALP!!

Quick and easy... just pick up some Bath & Body Works hand soap. 

This is cute but maybe a little too time-consuming to put together before tomorrow...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! Cutest. Thing. Ever!

Homemade pillow spray! Cute, but maybe a bit too personal?

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