Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our First Visit

Whoa. Yesterday was NOT a pleasant day for me. I don't know what I came down with, but I felt absolutely miserable yesterday! And it was awful because I had so much I wanted/needed to get done around the house but literally didn't have the strength to do much more than yell at LO to stop irritating the crap out of Chase and to make a couple of PB&Js. Ugh. Awful. I finally started feeling better last night after a long, hot shower and a turkey croissant.

Anywho, so I've been stockpiling all the stuff we've seen, done, compiled, selected, discussed, etc. concerning our new house since we started this process back in October, and I can finally let that stuff slowly filter out here on the blog. I'll try not to bore the pants off anybody, but I do want to share the fun stuff!

During one of our first trips to OUR homesite on December 18th, we took bunches of pictures. I thought I'd share a few of those with you guys today.

Here I am standing at our property line.

And here I am at our other property line. I'm such a dork.

My beautiful girl with a pic of our new home!

Here's my sweet family checking out our new yard!

LO's super excited about building a new home -- with stairs and everything! Haha!

My sweet boy. Such a cutie!

Love this crinkle face of his!

After scoping out our lot, we ended up at the playground near the pool that is literally across the street from our lot. We love this!

My girl on the swings! She can really get herself moving! And I love that I only have to push one kiddo on the swings now. :)

I'll be posting some pics of our floor plan, color selections, etc. soon. I get so excited about this stuff! Although I'm guessing you guys aren't too stoked about my upcoming blog posts on building our new home. I kind of caught on to that fact when I received ZERO comments on my big announcement post on Sunday. Haha! So sorry if this stuff isn't interesting to you guys, but I gotta keep it real! :)


  1. Awwww... I think it's interesting and I will be diligently following along. :) I'm so excited for you guys and I can't wait to wait it come to fruition. Keep the updates comin'! :)

  2. How exciting for all of you. We built our home before Logan was born. It was stressful but a very exciting process. It is neat to have your very own home...that is one you chose not someone else. Happy home building!!