Friday, August 30, 2013

Four Months!

Happy 4 Months, baby E!

This little guy is the greatest! He's so laid-back and easygoing. Pretty perfect combination for a 3rd child, am I right?? He's been sleeping through the night since about 2 months old and I am so sorry I'm so lame that I haven't been posting more info and pics of this little nugget of sweetness! I promise myself (and grown-up E) that I'll do better so a certain little person doesn't end up with some crazy syndrome of being dwarfed in the shadow of big sis and big bro's blog highlights!

Here are a few outtakes from this morning. Side note: mommy was brilliant enough to time the photo shoot when the little person should have been napping! This my reasoning for his seriousness and lack of smiley-ness!

I just love him so!

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