Thursday, August 15, 2013

World's Best Mom

So I think E is gonna have that "third child" complex thing for sure. Here he is going on 4 months old and I have yet to post his birth story on the blog nor hang up a single picture of him at the house.

Horrible mom. Scarring my children for life since 2007.

On another note, I know I still haven't updated y'all on Chase's cath results or his Fontan timing. The short story is his cath went great, his pressures are great, making him a good candidate for the Fontan, and that's really all we know. We've scheduled an appointment with his local cardiologist next month as he will share any news/updates from the team at MUSC at that time, but honestly we aren't expecting much more than confirmation that we're still good for next spring. I'll update again after that appointment.

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