Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is a totally random post, but recently I've been trying to motivate myself to back up the data on my MacBook. It's really a quite simple process, but it requires me getting off my lazy butt to take my laptop 15 feet away from the couch and set it on the desk, connect it to the external hard drive, and run the Backup program (or TimeMachine, depending on my mood). Anywho, I went ahead and backed up my precious pictures, videos, iTunes library, etc. and got to thinking: What would happen if our house (heaven forbid) were to be destroyed by a fire or hurricane? What would happen to the treasured memories we've accumulated over the past 16 months of our beautiful little one? I immediately decided I needed a back-up back-up plan.

I thought burning my data to a DVD and placing it in our fireproof safe would be the best option... until I realized it would take a good 5 or 6 DVDs just to store my 23 GB iPhoto library (pics of LO). Wow! That didn't even include all the other data I wanted to back up. I quickly realized I needed another option. I called my friendly Mac genius/guru and he suggested I purchase another external hard drive, which I could then store in my safe. Fabulous!

I shopped around and found 250 GB external hard drives for about $80 bucks. Not bad, but I wasn't willing to jump on it. Boy am I glad I didn't! My Mac friend/guru emailed me this link, which is a lovely little article announcing that is selling 1 TERABYTE (i.e. 1,000 GB!) external hard drives for $99.99! Absolutely unbelievable! The regular price is $150! Check it out for yourself!
Needless to say, I purchased one for myself, and convinced my mom to buy one, too! It's too good a deal to pass up. So, if you've been data-minded lately and are in need of a solution for backing up your precious memories, photos, video, music, etc., consider this offer. I'm not sure how long it will be on sale (i.e. $25 instant savings plus $20 mail-in rebate to equal $99.99), so snatch it up soon if you need to!

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  1. Love the new look! I'm going to order one of these as well. There's no fan so one wouldn't want to leave it on 24/7 but the price is too good to pass.