Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?

Great title for a post, huh? Ya, like the world would actually be better off if there were more than one of me... I don't think so! :)

Seriously, I'm just writing today to figure out why other people can't be as organized or forward-thinking as I am. Seriously. I'm a Type A, OCD freak that likes to Plan! Plan! Plan! Apparently, there aren't as many people out there in the world with these same traits. Take, for example, that I've already got thoughts swirling through my head on what I'll do for hubs' milestone birthday--in October 2009! That's right! I've got approximately 11 months to come up with the game plan for his party, and I've already started on it! On a much less crazy scale, let's talk about the holidays. Christmas is 44 days away. I for one have already finished shopping for half of my family. Shopping for LO? DONE. Shopping for hubs? DONE. All that remains at this point is some gifts for my 9 nieces and nephews. I want ALL of my shopping DONE. Like, now. I don't want to be out there with all of the crazies trying to run the little old lady over so I get a good parking spot, or curse under my breath at the woman with 3 kids who just jumped in line in front of me at the check-out. For me, Christmas is about Christ first and foremost. Then, it's about the joy of gift-giving. And I'd like to enjoy the process of gift-shopping, too! I'd like to hum holiday songs to myself as I push LO around the aisles looking for that must-have gift at the top of my nephew's wish list. I'd like to politely offer to the lady with 3 kids to please take my place in line so she can get her little ones home. I want to have the joy of the holiday season. And I just can't do that until I have a shopping list in hand and a hard-core plan of action detailing which shops I need to hit, what time of day would be best for me to do so, etc. That's just how I roll. Is that so wrong?!

Thanksgiving is 16 days away. I've offered to host the family festivities at my house, but have yet to know whether or not that is the plan. People. I should be prepping the house, making sure all of my baking, serving and dining supplies are in check. There should be menu planning. Things should be happening. We've got just over 2 weeks! Again, this is where my Type A OCD self takes over and stresses out. I can only hope things come together soon rather than a bunch of scurrying at the last minute. I mean, really, how hard is it to take 60 seconds to come up with and/or agree on a holiday game plan/menu/location/etc. and then go back to your daily lives?! Is it such a huge inconvenience that I try to plan things? I realize people are busy. And I agree most people are much busier than me since I have the luxury of staying at home with LO and not working a full-time job, too. Ugh. I shouldn't vent out here. My family has the link to my blog. Granted, I'm pretty sure none of them read it. But wouldn't it be my luck they read this crazy post about how I wish they could be more like me and jump on the bandwagon when it comes to planning our holiday festivities?

I guess the moral of the story is that I will go about my life, make plans for myself, hubs and LO, and enjoy all that the holiday season has in store for us. If and/or when extended family jumps on board and decides to take part in the PLANNING of our gatherings, I guess I'll just be thankful and move on.

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