Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay, this post is all about the ladies. Tell me--how often have you bought a pair of pants that fit perfectly at the store only to find them to be a bit too loose when you try them on at home? I've got several. And it's great when I wash them because they fit nice and snug out of the dryer, but within a few minutes, they're back to being a bit oversized.

Now hubs listens to my droning and complaining and, as most men do, offers to "fix" the problem for me by telling me to put on a belt. Sounds easy enough, right?


See, I hate the additional 20 lbs. that are added to my waist the second I put a belt on. I've already got an extra 15 lbs. I carry around without the added "bonus weight" of wearing a big ol' belt.

Well, my friends, I have found the solution! And I'm totally kicking myself for not coming up with this on my own and making millions! It's called the Invisibelt!This handy little gem holds those pants up and does NOT add on the extra pounds of traditional belts. It's available in both clear and black. This is a must-have I've added to my wish list this Christmas, and at only $19.95, it won't leave too big of a hole in Santa's wallet!