Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day of Bullet Points

Today I'm happy because:
  • LO woke up in a good mood
  • We're having lunch with my mom and sisters at Olive Garden - one of my favs
  • LO's Jibbetz should be here Monday - I'm trying to be patient
  • My good friend found out yesterday she's having a baby GIRL (already has a 2-1/2 year old boy and is due with her baby girl just 4 weeks before me)
  • LO will now watch Sesame Street while I take a shower and typically doesn't get into anything she shouldn't (knock on wood)
  • Hubs is making some serious progress on our 500 sq. ft. deck. (Note to self: I should post some progress pictures...)
  • I listened to my baby's heartbeat the other day with our rented fetal doppler. Such peace of mind and utter joy to hear!
  • We have our 16 week appointment tomorrow.
  • Our ultrasound appointment is a mere 27 days away. We should be able to find out if we're expecting a boy or girl!
  • If it's warm enough after LO's nap, we're planning to head to the pool for the first time this summer! Woot!
  • I've progressed from an unexpected love of BBQ chicken to an even more unexpected craving for Buffalo chicken! NEVER been a fan but am craving it like a crazy person!
  • I've finally gotten over my incessant need for comments on my blog posts and am happy and content to just share my thoughts/life with the blogging community with no expectations from my readers. I really just enjoy it now!
  • Our beach trip with 2 of my favorite couples and their kids is only about 3 weeks away. Woot!
What makes YOU happy today?


  1. the pools don't open around here until this weekend. have fun!

  2. You may change your mind about the favorite couple/kids thing in a few weeks :)

  3. You haven't been to Quaker Steak and Lube? We should go together! ITs across from GE, in front of the Harley store. Its mostly wings but has grilled chicken tenders in whatever sauce you want that I am totally loving right now! I ate them Sat and Sun and then Mon we went to dinner with friends in Atlanta and I had chicken fingers with hot sauce. Funny you're having the same cravings. I've never, ever, ever liked hot sauce on things!!