Wednesday, May 27, 2009

17 Weeks!

Better late than never, right? Not too much has changed, which is why I haven't been in too big a hurry to post this... :)

Week and day: 17 weeks and 3 days

Belly Button in or out: Totally still IN. I don't expect it to pop out--ever.

Wedding rings on or off: SO on. Starting to get a little bit tight first thing in the morning but then not so bad the rest of the day.

Food cravings: Buffalo chicken tenders! I NEVER ate buffalo-style or spicy anything before this pregnancy. You should have seen hubs' face when I said I was craving buffalo chicken--it's one of his favorites! I think his heart leaped in his chest! Buffalo chicken tenders are totally delish!

Food aversions: Nothing really. I don't have a huge sweet tooth and I've had little to no desire to bake goodies over the past 2+ months. For those of you who know me, this is SO not normal.

Nausea: Pretty much non-existent at this point, and I am VERY grateful for that!

Energy level: Eh. It's not too bad. Could always use MORE energy, though. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to bottle up LO's energy and use it myself!

Weight gain: As of last week, I was up to 6 pounds! Not too shabby!

Mood: Waaaay excited that we're having a BOY! I can't wait to start buying tiny blue clothes! And LO is looking forward to having a baby brother, although she still wants to name him "Sticker." LOL!

Maternity clothes: I'm all about them. Pants are almost a must right now. Tops are negotiable -- I'm wearing some maternity tops and some regular ones.

Size of baby: Right now, he/she is about the size of a Beanie Baby! About 5 inches long and close to 5 ounces!

Baby's changes: His delicate skeleton is continuing to harden from cartilage to bone. This week he starts developing body fat, which keeps him comfy and warm after he's born.

Next appointment: June 15th - the big 20 week ultrasound appointment! Should have some more pics of our little guy to share after this appointment!

Other: We DID purchase the baby's furniture last Saturday. It'll take 10-12 weeks, so I'm glad we ordered it when we did. I absolutely LOVE it! We've also started painting his room (ugly white walls are going to be a nice cream-y shade). Hubs is making SERIOUS progress on the deck he's building, which will be nice to have it done by mid-June. Oh, and although it's not necessarily related to the baby, I am SO PROUD of LO for sleeping in her "big girl bed" since Friday night. She has done awesome and has totally surprised me! She's taking better naps now than she was before in her crib. I am SO blessed!

Okay, I'm totally lame, but I'm not including a 17 week picture. I figure not much has changed and I'm planning to post an 18 week pic on Sunday, so you'll just have to wait on that one!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! Being the mom of a boy, I do admit I'm biased, but they are so fun! : ) And, I'm disappointed about no photo! So make sure it's a good one next week : ) Which furniture did you go with?