Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our New Deck

As I mentioned yesterday, hubs is in the midst of building a 500 sq. ft. deck in our tiny, measly little backyard. We decided because the yard is so small, has an obnoxious hill and leads right into a retention pond, it just isn't "livable" space where we can spend time with LO outdoors. Right now we're stuck hanging out in our front yard while all the neighbors drive by and see me in my lounge clothes sunning on a blanket in the grass. Something I'd definitely prefer doing in the privacy of our backyard.

So, we decided it made sense to put in a deck in the backyard we could use as our own semi-private getaway spot, PLUS it'll add some serious resale value to the house when we decide to sell. And of course, my super-handy husband has been working on this monstrosity all by his lonesome. Did I mention how amazing he is!?

Anywho, I thought I'd show you guys what it looked like before he got started:

He's made some serious progress, and has just about completed the framing. Laying the actual decking boards is next on his list - he ordered over $1,000 in wood yesterday and it should be here today for him to get started. Do you realize how large 500 sq. ft. is? I didn't, at least not until I went outside and saw the framing work he's completed:

I'm SO very proud of all he's accomplished and I know he's planning to have this whole thing knocked out by the end of June. It's absolutely shocking how capable this man is. I love him to pieces and can't wait for our (growing) family to spend quality time together outside on this beautiful deck.

I'll post more pictures as this project progresses.

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  1. looks good! are you going to add some trellis or tall potted bushes so that you can block out your neighbors for total privacy?