Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So we've been talking to LO about her future little brother or sister (whom she still refers to as "sticker"), but every time we mention the word "baby" she goes and finds her little baby doll:
I decided it was time to clarify things so I named her baby doll "Lucy." I referred to the doll as Lucy several times and now she knows when I ask to find Lucy, that means to go get her baby doll.

The great thing about this is that now when we mention her baby brother or sister, she knows we're not referring to her baby doll.

On to step 2: I explained to her that her baby brother or sister is in mommy's tummy. This concept seemed to elude her for a few days. Finally, last night, I asked her, "Where's your baby brother or sister?" And what did she do?? She pointed to mommy's tummy and even gave my belly a kiss!


She'll be just 22 months old in a few weeks, but she's already starting to understand that there's another baby in the equation and that she'll be a big sister one day soon. I know she has no concept of time, but I'm sure that it'll all start to make more sense as she sees mommy's tummy continue to grow bigger and bigger ((sigh)). This is such an exciting journey!!!

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  1. Oh that is precious!!! I wish my girls were a little bit older so they would "get it". I try to tell them whats going on and tell them there is a baby in my belly but I know they don't understand yet. Every time I "try" they just point to my belly button and then to theirs -- they just learned where their belly button is. I am "teaching" them about a baby, they will now give their baby dolls some sips of their bottles and bites of their snacks, so for 14 month olds I'm considering that progress. By the way, didn't know you were blogging again! I'm glad!!