Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Familiar Feelings

A few months ago, I found a new heart mom, Jill, who is expecting a baby who had been diagnosed with HLHS. Her precious son, Joshua, will arrive in about a month, and he has the same journey ahead of him as Chase has. It's a scary place to be. Getting that kind of diagnosis on your unborn child is absolutely devastating. If there were another word that meant even worse than that, it'd be applicable here. Those of you who have healthy children and have never had to receive such catastrophic news can never truly identify with the road we "heart moms" were chosen to walk down.

When I read her latest post, I couldn't help but tear up. She's in the waiting period before Joshua's arrival. I too remember being in her shoes what seemed like only days ago, waiting on Chase's arrival, waiting to see what God had in store for him, waiting to see if he would survive his first life-saving surgery. It is scary. And it is lonely. I wanted to share a link to her post here today because I feel like family and friends of heart families need to be reminded of what heart moms go through. They need to know what we're feeling and thinking. Even if they can't identify with us, surely they would want to know how to specifically pray for us in our darkest time of need.

You can read the post on her blog here.


  1. Kathy- Thank you for posting this and thank you for your encouraging words. I really appreciate your support and prayers. :o)