Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Take a Nap

Take a lesson from LO. This is the "right" way to take a nap. Don't think about using that big full-size bed 10 feet away from you. Really. Crack open the door a bit to see if mommy or daddy are close enough to yell at you to close the door and tell you to get back into bed. No? They're not within earshot? Okay then. Just lay down for a sec. Go ahead, curl up on the carpet -- just for a second. They'll come around the corner and tell you to close the door and get back in bed. In just a second... or two... or three...

Or not.

If all else fails, just conk out and mommy will eventually come in and carry you to that bed 10 feet away and nap time will officially commence. ;)

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