Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LO's 3rd Birthday Party

We had a great celebration on Sunday for LO's 3rd birthday! She had an incredible day and it was so much fun to watch! I love that she's old enough now to really participate and make decisions and do stuff all on her own. My baby is getting SO big!!!

Her day started out with her birthday pancakes! Yum!

Isn't she lovely?

Ready to blow out the candles!

Yay, LO! Way to go!!

Now to shield her eyes as mommy and daddy unveil her new Imaginarium train table...

Wait a sec... mommy doesn't trust that she's covering those eyes and not peeking. We should use baby jaguar as a safety measure.

Check out the genuine excitement and joy on this face as she sees her train table for the first time! Love it!!

Here she is telling me all about Thomas and how her new train table works.

Later that afternoon, it was party time. Here she is opening some gifts. Love this shirt -- you can guess who it was from. ;)

Love these awkward poses where we make her hold stuff up for pictures...

Here she's listening to one of her birthday cards. It played music from The Chipmunks! She didn't bust a move in front of everyone, but was sure to get the card out after everyone left and dance a little jig.

The Thomas cake!

Riding her new bike! Thanks, Gramma & Pa Pa!!

All decked out in her rollerblading gear...

She didn't love the rollerblades. We'll work on that. ;)

Finally, an afternoon nap around 5pm! I let her sleep 'til 6:30pm and found this when I went in to wake her. She was O-U-T!!!

And finally, the post-party, post-nap hair do! Based on this look, I'd say it was a VERY successful birthday!


  1. I think the look of excitement over her train table, and the way she crashed at naptime let you know that this was a very successful birthday party! Three is such a fun age, trying at times, but for the most part-Terrific! Enjoy this year, it will go by too quickly.