Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

Well, the day finally arrived! It was LO's first day of preschool today, AND I'm happy to report both LO and mommy survived! And, believe it or not, the final tear count was ZERO. Yay!

So here are a few pics from the day...

Her picture before leaving for school. I figure it'll be nice to do this each year so we can see how big she gets (compared to the door!). I figure we'll be living at our current home until retirement, so I'm sure we'll have her pic outside this door 'til high school graduation. ;)

This one was taken in the car, just before we got out to head into school this morning. She's a little bit excited...

Another pic before heading into her classroom. The fish tank is located down the hall and I let check out the fish for a minute or so before heading in! We took a quick pic of the two of us together outside her classroom, then she gave me a big hug and kiss and headed right in to play! She did AWESOME!

Picking her up from school wasn't too bad! The pick-up line was reasonable, and I didn't get there 'til 11:50AM for a 12:00PM pick up! After Chase's morning nap, we headed over to the local craft store to pick up some things I needed for Chase's birthday (yes, his birthday is just over TWO MONTHS from now -- I'm a planner!), and while we were there I picked up a few little things to give her as a sort of "first day of school" gift. I let her open it when we got home.

She loved the pink butterfly card!

Believe it or not, she really was VERY excited about this Finding Nemo book. Even though her face in the photo tells a totally different story...

There were also some shiny, glittery butterfly stickers in the gift bag, as well as this fun little butterfly sun-catcher craft. She was VERY happy about this one, too!

See? I told ya.

No, really. She's excited about this craft we'll be doing after nap time.

Overall, I'm SUPER happy with how well she did today... not to mention how well I did, too! Here's hoping the rest of the year goes as well as today! ;)

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