Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Matters Worse!!!

I called our local Apple Store. I wanted to confirm they had several iPhone 3GS 16 GB devices in stock so I wouldn't be wasting my time when I come in this afternoon for my scheduled appointment to swap out my water-damaged phone (you know, like they offered to do for me yesterday).

Lo and behold, "Karen" is telling me THEY DON'T CARRY THE iPHONE 3GS IN 16 GB -- ONLY 8 GB!!!

So NO, losers from the store yesterday, apparently you WOULDN'T have been able to swap out my existing phone with an exact replacement. She tried telling me they have a lot of new employees and that's why I was LIED TO SEVERAL TIMES yesterday. I spewed out the names of THREE individuals who "helped" me yesterday and she confirmed NONE of them were new.


Karen went on to say the 16 GB 3GS has been DISCONTINUED. And NO, they don't have any 16 GB iPhone 4s in stock. And NO, they don't know when they'll get any in. It's MY responsibility to keep calling them SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY to see if they have any and then scoot my butt in there lightening fast to nab one once they do as it's a "first come, first served" basis -- no matter how bad they've SCREWED A PERSON OVER!!!

I am at the end of my rope. It's time to look into the early termination fee with at&t so I can drop this madness! I am STUNNED!!!

And furious.

Can you tell?

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