Monday, October 4, 2010

Effective Support Systems

The other day I shared some thoughts out here and was very surprised by the feedback and support I received. Thank you again, to each of you who took the time to respond to me, validate my feelings and help me try to get to a place of understanding with all of this. I appreciate that more than you can know!

Today I happened to find myself on a blog, it's a sort of forum for CHDs (congenital heart defects), and was surprised by the latest post titled, "Effective Support Systems." It seemed like a good idea to write a post to the family and friends who are supporting families affected by CHDs, and so why bother writing a new one when I can just link to this one? Although I will say that we probably wouldn't like for anyone to take our kids off our hands to give us a "break" (unless you've been through our stringent evaluation/screening process which, quite frankly, I'm not sure anyone has really passed... yet), and we certainly don't need anyone organizing our medical files (hubs is already on top of this and it is crazy-weird how good he is at stuff like that... and he actually enjoys it!). And this list doesn't include the ONE THING that is most precious to us and means the very most: prayer. God has brought us through so much and I firmly believe it is only through the prayers of His people that Chase continues to do as well as he does. We are so blessed!

Let me know if you find the time to read this blog post and what your thoughts are after reading it. I obviously know what it's like to be on this side of the CHD fence, but I would value and appreciate feedback from friends and family on "the other side..."

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