Friday, October 29, 2010

Feelin' Good!

I'm so happy to share that LO is feeling better today, and I'm even more ecstatic that Chase still hasn't seemed to catch any of it (knocking on wood). Yay!!

Here's LO with her play-doh this morning. She's also watching "Thomas, Hero of the Rails" for the zillionth time. Something about her being sick and getting to watch endless DVDs had her choose to watch the same one over and over and over... (sigh)

And our little cruiser... He'll go from the toy box to the train table without a second thought. I just wish he would get comfortable with sitting down from a standing position. He'll just stand there wailing until I come over and knock him down. ;)

I love my sweeties!!!

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  1. Yea! So glad everyone is feeling good (and better for LO). They are so cute! :)