Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Fun!

Some good ol' Christmas fun! What a wonderful day it has been already... and there's still much more fun in store!

Cookies (snowmen, mittens and of course, trains) and CHOCOLATE milk for Santa, and some carrots for Rudolph.

Chase's new xylophone!

Yes, a 24 pack of Play-Doh!

Toy Story 3!!!

The one thing she kept asking about after seeing the new train table she asked Santa for... Hiro, the train!

She was REALLY happy to see Hiro!


Before the unwrapping began...

Chase's stash!

LO's stash!

Yes, she loves dinosaurs... ;)

Emptying out her stocking.

Christmas morning!

My little cutie!

Not the greatest pic (iPhone doesn't capture fast-moving 1-year-olds very well), but still such a cutie!

Chase loves his new sock monkey! His wonderful Aunt D made it just for him! So very sweet!

Opening her... Fire Truck!

New Christmas pajamas complete with... you guessed it! A monkey on 'em!

Christmas Eve gift opening chaos!

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