Thursday, December 16, 2010

Party Time!

Last weekend we had the privilege of taking the kids to LO's friend's birthday party at one of those fun inflatables places. I was so happy BOTH kids were finally feeling well enough to get out and have some fun. We really needed a dose of family fun and this was just the ticket! A special thanks to little man C for turning 4 and having such an awesome birthday party!

Here are some pics from the big day o' fun!

Love the hair!
LO attempted the rock wall! I didn't think for a second she'd be up for it, but sure enough! She got up there!
She didn't want to go very high, but I was VERY proud of her for giving it a shot!
Now, for a glimpse at 24 seconds with Chase. See time stamp below each photo for the full effect... ;)
1:20:46 PM
1:20:53 PM
1:20:55 PM
1:21:00 PM
1:21:10 PM
1:21:13 PM
You can NOT go wrong with a blue Buzz Lightyear cupcake! Yummy!!
LO trying on the birthday boy's new Iron Man mask...

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