Monday, December 20, 2010

Roller Skating!

Hubs had a vacation day today so we decided to put it to good use by taking LO roller skating for the first time ever! It was wonderful because the place wasn't very busy and because we were only there for about an hour before LO decided she was done. All in all, it was a fun family trip with some great memories we'll remember forever!

On the way to the roller rink! We just told her we were heading out for a fun surprise but didn't give details...

Getting her skates laced up! She's really excited!

She made it around with mommy once, then said she was done. Then said she wanted to go again. This went on the whole time!

Flying solo! She only held my hand the first time around the rink. The rest of the time she was doing it by herself! BIG GIRL!

Yes, there was the occasional wipe-out. This was the worst of 'em. Over and done with in about 30 seconds flat, though. Whew!

She had a lot of fun and looks forward to getting bigger and going faster and also teaching Chase how to skate when he gets bigger. :)
Speaking of Chase, this little guy behaved wonderfully and even had mommy carry him around the rink a few times. He loved it!


  1. How fun!!! Now you have my mind spinning about how to take Sierra roller skating!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  3. She is so stinkin' cute!! I am SO glad she enjoyed her first-ever roller skating adventure! She'll definitely remember that trip! Thanks for posting the pictures with the captions...I just read through them with Abbie and it was like we were there as it was happening. :-)

    Love to all!

  4. I like this post. Very fine job of chronicling this little milestone!