Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, the Stickers...

So LO got Toy Story 3 Connect 4 for Christmas and of course she wanted to bust it out and play soon after opening it. I knew there'd be some slight assembly to put the yellow part together, but I was not at all expecting this:

The pieces. Nicely colored to differentiate between the 21 Buzz (blue) and the 21 Woody (red) pieces, huh?

Then I saw these. Oh, wow.

Forty-two pieces, front and back, equals 84 stickers to apply. Finally, 30 minutes later, we're ready to play!

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  1. Oh my! This made me crack up, because I've been complaining all Christmas about how difficult they make children's toys for parents. I spoiled my little heart baby... and then paid the price for it after opening all the presents. I found your blog after reading Hope's blog. Her mother and I talked a lot while we were both pregnant. Ethan was born in September right before Chase.