Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pretty Girl

I took LO for her 2nd ever haircut yesterday. Her first haircut was way back when she was 18 months old and they literally trimmed about 1/2 cm. from the ends. She cried the whole time.

This time around, as expected, she was NOT a fan. Of the shampoo process. Or the cut, really. Or the blow dryer, at least at first. It was quite the event. And I'm pretty sure another 18  months will go by before we try it again.

A few pics...


A brief moment during the haircut that didn't involve tears:

Her first braid. Yes, she's almost 3 1/2. Mommy doesn't know hair, obviously.

The new 'do! So beautiful, if I may say so.


  1. Yay! She looks so pitiful in the braid picture, but the new cut looks adorable!

  2. Oh she looks beautiful! What a big girl!!!