Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Look!

After seemingly endless hours of anticipation, I'm finally able to share the big reveal... of my new blog design!

Ain't she purdy?

I hope it was worth the wait! I've been working on a new design for several days now and am really excited about what I've come up with! A special shout-out to my SIL for her inspiration along the way.

I was hoping to unveil the new look Monday morning, but here's what happened. The family headed up to Asheville, NC for the weekend so I could play the piano for a weekend retreat for our SC district Church of the Nazarene pastors and spouses (an honor and oh so much fun!). While hubs was unloading the mass of stuff from our vehicle in 24 degree weather, there was an unfortunate mishap:

My beloved MacBook met the pavement.

It was an accident, obviously. And hubs? He. Felt. Awful.

Turns out the hinge where the lid opens and closes ended up with two small cracks. Luckily all of the data was still good and there were no other issues.

So this morning I took my dear, sweet MacBook to our local Apple-certified repair store--no, not The Apple Store--and ((shudder)) had to leave her there all day. Not overnight (thank goodness!), but all day.

Now she's back and so pretty! I ended up with a new hinge thingy as well as a brand new keyboard and trackpad (there was a manufacturer defect that had caused some peeling on the edge of my MacBook near the trackpad, so the whole durn thing was replaced at no charge!). We were very blessed that the repairs to the cracks that were caused from the MacBook vs. Parking Lot incident were under $100. That was so unexpected! Our Googling told us we'd be looking at close to $200 for parts, then about $90/hour for labor, with typically 2 hours for the repair (that's just under $400 for you non-math-wiz's like me).

What a blessing!

So anywho, I'm excited about the new design and I hope you like it, too. It looks mighty fine in Firefox and even Safari, but I'm afraid it loses a little something when viewed in IE for all my PC-user friends (really, you should get a Mac).

I'm also looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the future of Just Another Day... later this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Looks great! And glad to hear the MacBook is home safe and sound :)

  2. Love the new look and can't wait to see what changes you have planned! REally glad to hear the MacBook survived and your wallet survived along with it!