Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Yes, along with what has to be at least 80% of the country, we too received our share of snow here today. And of course I had to get pictures of the kids out in it. Honestly, I was snapping away as quickly as possible because this momma has NO LOVE for the snow. I'm happy to report that my sweet little boy may very well be a momma's boy. He had no love for the snow, either.

Now LO, of course, is another story. She's like her daddy and doesn't mind being out in the freezing cold snow. So she played while daddy shoveled. I popped out with Chase long enough to get a few pics, then brought my boy back inside so we could both get nice n' warm. For the record, he's hilarious. He sat on the floor in front of his bookshelf and "read" pretty much every single one of them while daddy and LO were outside. He sure does love his quiet time when his loud sister isn't in his face! Haha!

FINALLY! I get to go outside!

Don't I look beautiful in my snow gear? Never mind the fact I've been wearing this same winter coat since I was 18 months old...

My girl... she's gorgeous!

Chase was NOT happy about this photo op. Especially since he put his hand in the snow and realized how cold it was.
And with his new winter coat, seriously, folks... he can't put his arms down!  ((name that movie!))

Did I mention he wasn't happy?

Now daddy took his paci away. This is one very unhappy experience for my boy!

LO just looks beautiful... Chase is wondering why no one is getting him the heck outta there!

Well, well, well... Apparently this snow stuff isn't too bad if you're standing in it!

Hmmm... still not happy about this cold snow stuff on his hands.

Worst. Mommy. Ever. I made hubs lay Chase in the snow on his back so I could take some pics.
Guess what? Chase was NOT a fan!

LO helping daddy shovel the snow.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Not so fun?

More fun!

Yes, my daughter played basketball in the snow. And for the record, this shot went in! :)


  1. so cute! chase and i feel similar feeling toward the snow! LO is seriously getting to be one gorgeous girl!

  2. LO is so cute! She is so funny. What doesn't she like to do cuz it sure seems like she is all smiles all the time. :) Poor Chase- I agree with him- snow is the pits. :)

  3. Lo is very cute. I wish our 2 yr, Emma enjoyed the snow as much as she does but she is more like Chase. She can't move well in her snowsuit & only like being out in it if she is riding in a sled or being carried. She will not walk in it at all.