Friday, January 13, 2012

Concrete and lumber... oh my!

The kids and I drove by the house yesterday since our PM told us the concrete was scheduled to be poured that morning. We were so surprised when we arrived to see so much happening to OUR LOT! It was awesome! The concrete pour was just about finished and there were several fellas out there smoothing it over (pardon the rear-end trifecta shot below):

The kids and I were so excited to see so much bustling activity taking place after staring at our empty lot for so many weeks.

One pleasant yet unexpected surprise was that our lumber package had also arrived! We're talking like actual home-building materials here, people! One truck had already been unloaded in front of our lot and there was another semi there with a flatbed full of our materials. It's getting to be so real... FINALLY!

We had to leave and headed off to meet one of my most awesome and adored friends for lunch, but couldn't resist the urge to complete another drive-by afterwards to see how things were looking. They had unloaded all of our building materials onto the street, and there was just one lone concrete worker guy putting the finishing touches on our slab.

Seriously. How tiny does our house look in this photo? I mean, that square area there with the step is our 2-car garage. Does it actually look like it'll fit TWO CARS in the picture above? It's just so weird how small it all seems now, but I'm sure it'll finally start looking like a "real" house soon.

The plan is to check on the house again today before picking LO up from school. Our PM tells us they are scheduled to start framing this morning. ACK!!!!! I don't know what I'll think when I actually start to see walls forming... Woot!!!


  1. Wow! They are moving fast! You guys will be moving in before you know it! :)

  2. Yay!! Looks like things are starting to move along for you!