Friday, January 27, 2012

Siding, Siding, SIDING!

Boy was I surprised yesterday when we arrived for our pre-drywall walk-thru at 1PM to see that our siding was almost complete! Ack! Secretly I've been worried about how it will look -- not just the color, but how it will look with the brick. I mean, really. You're selecting colors using tiny little 4-inch samples and there's no way to see possibly imagine what it'll actually look like until you see it. On YOUR house. Wow!

Sorry about the horrible pictures. I wanted go by the house later in the day yesterday so I could see the finished siding AND SHUTTERS! in the daylight, but it was waaaaaay too dark to take any pics by the time I got there. The shutters are a deep burgundy/merlot color called Winestone. I *think* I'm gonna like how it all looks together, but like I said, it was too dark to see the house last night so I'll have to take some pics when I go by today and hope that I love it to pieces! I am very happy with the siding color: it's a very neutral off-white. Not yellow-y. Not brown-y. Just off-white-y. And it meshes very well with the stone, so that makes me super happy, too! Yay!!!

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  1. Ha ha!! I love the title of your post. I could see your excitement before I even read it. Looking good!!