Monday, January 30, 2012

First Purchase!

I made my very first purchase for the new house last week. So exciting!! There's like 12,000 items on my Amazon Wish List for the new house, and of all things, I decided to go with this as my first purchase:

Image Source: TidyMom
Not surprisingly, I found this great idea on Pinterest. It's just a super-cute Extra Large Flip Storage Jar by Jamie Oliver ((which I totally love!)) that you use to hold cupcake liners. So simple, yet super cute! I bought this as a fun decorative piece to put on my new granite counter in my new gourmet kitchen! There are lots of other items I want to get for the house, but I'm trying to find my patience and wait until we're actually IN the house so I won't have to pack even more stuff and move it all!

I'll have an update on the house tomorrow and more pics, too! Stay tuned, friends!

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