Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update!

Good Monday morning!!! Hope you had a great weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead! And I hope you're up for some house fun, because I'm about to bring it to ya!

So... where did we last leave off? Oh, that's right. It was Thursday afternoon -- 1:19 PM to be exact -- and I was so stoked to see our concrete poured and being perfected.



Friday morning, around 11:55 AM, Chase and I headed over to the house before picking LO up from school. I can't put into words what I felt when I saw this:

It was so surreal to see actual lumber being used in the actual construction of our actual house. I almost actually cried. It was an amazing sight!

I couldn't help myself, so the kids and I went back for another drive-by after lunch, at 2:13 PM. It's so amazing how well (read: quickly) these guys do what they do!

Due to a slight lack of patience and overeagerness to see progress as it happens, LO and I drove by the house for, yes, the THIRD TIME on Friday, at 5:36 PM. They had put in one of the headers over the garage and lots of the internal structure of our house (I know about the internal structure 'cause I got out and walked through our house and took pics... but I won't bore you with those... yet).

Don't she look purdy? Still seems tiny to me, though, especially with it only having one story so far.


It should come as no surprise that we stopped by the house on our way to a birthday party Saturday morning at 10:48 AM. It doesn't look like a lot happened since the previous pic above, but they've actually got the entire second floor plywood flooring down. And they've started moving the wall sections up to the second floor (that's what those 4 guys are doing -- they literally heave those heavy wall sections up the side of the house to the TWO lone guys up there who pull them up -- so glad I don't have their job!).

I had to work Saturday but I asked hubs to take the kids by the house after nap time to take another look. I was NOT surprised (but totally thrilled!!) to see our second floor walls in place when they went by at 5:29 PM! Ack!!


Yes, we did a drive-by Sunday afternoon around 5:30 PM and yes, as we had expected, the crew took the day off (they earned it!). I'm sure they will have a busy Monday and I'm quite certain there will be a roof on our home by the end of the day today.



  1. Wow! I cannot believe how quickly this is all coming together! I was always under the impression it takes like a year to build a house- apparantly I am wrong! ;) Thanks for updating!! :)

  2. Awesome!! Yes, homes seem small during the construction phase but it is amazing once the roof is on and all the drywall, cabinets, etc start going into rooms. It opens up and feels like an actual "space". Very neeat to see the progress on your new home. Happy for you guys!!