Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Day...

Another day down, and another day of real, whole food for me and my family (well, mostly just me and the kids since hubs still does his own thing for breakfast and lunch).
I'm very proud of myself and am happy to say I'm feeling So. Much. Better. even after eliminating all processed foods for just two days! It's amazing, and I can definitely see that eating only whole foods keeps me fuller longer.
I'm surprised to admit I haven't experienced any major cravings for sweets, which, if you know anything about me, you'll know that's a pretty big deal!
So I'm sure this is gonna be a pretty boring post for you guys, but I'm keeping myself honest here, so I'm gonna recap what I ate today.


I was quite proud of myself AND my kids this morning! I made bacon and eggs and the kids ate it up (as well as LO's gummy bear vitamin)! Well, LO went to town on it and Chase pretty much just ate the bacon (even though I slightly burnt it... oops!). But it's progress! Seriously, the kids are usually having frozen waffles or pancakes, Pop-Tarts, sugary cereal, cinnamon rolls or donuts for breakfast. See why this is such a big deal for me? Yay!

Morning Snack

I have to brag on the kids again here. We had a busy morning with class at The Little Gym, followed by a few shopping errands. But mommy was prepared! Normally snacks on the go consist of highly-processed fruit snacks, sugary cereal, crackers, chocolate chip granola bars, etc. But today they shared a banana and each had a little box of raisins -- with no complaints! They were happy to receive these whole food snacks in lieu of the junk I typically provide, and it made me so happy! Mommy had a banana for my snack, too! Yay, me!!! ;)


Lunch was easy. For me, it was a repeat of last night's ground beef, black beans, lettuce, tomato and cheese with a side of grapes. Just as delish if not better than the night before! The kids shared a PB&J, some fruit, cheese and a fruit strip from Trader Joe's.

Afternoon Snack

The kids and I shared a large Gala apple for our afternoon snack today. And mommy snacked on additional fruit while I prepared dinner... ;)


Dinner was fun! I decided to do something I haven't done before, and served a "themed" dinner of sorts... Dinner on a Stick! I made oven-baked chicken (seasoned only with salt-free Mrs. Dash and fresh ground pepper), corn cobs, fruit kebabs and cheese cubes. The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED the fun, interesting, exciting, different approach to dinner, and ate better than I've ever seen! They both cleared their plates in record time!

The kids had milk with every meal, and I had water. I was kind of bummed to hear LO had an ice cream sandwich in her class at church tonight, but hey -- whaddya gonna do, right?
YAY for 2 days of healthy eating!!!
So a quick point on my exercise plan: I'm not really focusing on any right now. People, you have no idea how easily I get overwhelmed when I try to do both healthy eating AND exercise -- it's too much and I just end up failing miserably. So instead, I'm trying to get my eating under control and then add the exercise focus later.
So sorry for boring y'all with this food post. I'll warn you that there will probably be more in the days ahead. After all, this is MY blog, right? ;)


  1. I love the gummy bear on your breakfast plate and your themed dinner, very creative :) Good luck