Saturday, June 9, 2012

Story Time with LO

Here's another little glimpse of my girl's hardcore reading prowess. I continue to be amazed at her mad skills. It's so hard to believe she'll be FIVE next month! She learns and improves so much with each story time every night! It's been a while since I've seen her choose a board book, especially this one, but she did a great job of reading and learning as she went through the book.

Hubs popped in to say good-night to my girl so I didn't get a chance to record her reading the entire story, so I've included a little synopsis of the book below the video for those of you with inquiring minds. ;)

Tree #1: Became the manger where Baby Jesus spent His first night on earth.
Tree #2: Became the fishing boat Jesus was on when He calmed the sea.
Tree #3: Became the cross.

Such a powerful story for children -- and adults, too! A definite must for every home library!

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  1. wow hard to believe she's not even 5 yet and reading already.