Friday, August 9, 2013

Thank You!

Just a quick post to say Thank You to the family and friends who have prayed us through another big heart procedure on our sweet Chase. The tally is up to 2 heart surgeries, 3 heart caths, 2 bronchoscopies and 2 outpatient surgeries. This boy has been through a LOT, with at least one more heart surgery to go.

We just simply couldn't walk this journey if it weren't for the grace of God and the love and support of our family, friends, neighbors, Facebook friends, twitter followers and blog readers. I send much love and gratitude to each of you!!!

I promise I'll write a post soon with the findings from today's cath and the plan for Chase's last scheduled heart surgery, the Fontan. For now my focus is on getting Chase settled into bed (after some late-night Mario Wii per his request) and getting little E fed and settled down for the night. Oh, and hopefully a long, restful night for mommy & daddy, too!

Thanks again to all of you for supporting us though our journey.

❤️ hugs!

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Cath Complete!

Just got the call at 12:05 PM. Going to see my boy.

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Cath Update #4

Our fourth update came in at 11:37 AM. They are pulling out the catheters now and preparing to put pressure on the insertion sites. This means they are finishing up and will have him up to recovery soon. Keep praying!!

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Cath Update #3

Just got our third update at 10:51 AM. They are coiling some collateral vessels and we'll get another update in about an hour. Please keep praying for my boy!!!

FYI: "Collateral vessels are abnormal blood vessels that connect the aorta with the pulmonary arteries, but they are normally small and are not used. Children with congenital heart disease have enlarged collateral vessels, which can let blood flow from an artery to an adjacent artery or it may carry blood downstream and then back to the same artery. To stop this flow and pumping blood into the lungs, coil embolization creates a blood clot which stops this reverse flow."

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Cath Update #2

Just got our second call at 10:07 AM. They ended up using three access points, one in both legs and one in the right side of his neck. We were not expecting this. They are doing the contrast dye angiograms now.

Please keep praying.

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Cath Update #1

Just got our first call at 8:57 AM. He went under the anesthesia fine. They have femoral venous access in his right leg and are assessing arterial access from either his neck or left leg. Will get another call in about an hour.

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Cath Begins

They took Chase back for his cath around 7:45 AM this morning. We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 AM and did some quick vitals. His o2 was 91%, which is well above his normal range of 82-85%. Weird. His BP was fine and thankfully there wasn't much else to do this morning since we did the full work up yesterday.

Chase handled things well, as long as he had his iPad in front of him (seriously, Best.Investment.Ever.). He refused to put on his gown (no surprise there) and refused to take his Versed (a.k.a. Happy Meds), so daddy and I had to hold him down for that. No worries, though. About 10 minutes later he was feeling the effects of it and had us laughing, forgetting what was ahead if only for a moment.

He wasn't "happy" enough to leave with the team, so mommy & daddy got to walk with him and the anesthesiologist down to the cath lab. He was starting to get so out of it. But when Dr. W picked him up from the gurney to carry him into the lab, he fought with whatever strength he could muster, which really wasn't too much by this point. I felt horrible but at least there wasn't any kicking or screaming.

I kissed my boy, told him I love him and to be brave, and watched him be carried into the cath lab for his procedure.

As the door closed, I found that I couldn't move. I stood there. Still as could be. Tears streaming down my face. My goal was to hold it together while I was with him, to be strong for him and not let him see the fear or worry I was filled with. Once those doors closed, I couldn't hold it together any longer.

It's so hard.

Being a mother to a child with a complex congenital heart defect is hard. So very hard. We have to do things that no mother should have to do. We have fears that no mother should have to fear. We have scary, uncertain futures ahead for our children that most mothers don't have. It's so hard.

But in the midst of my fears, and in the midst of the tears, I know Who holds my son's precious life in His hands. It's not me, not the doctors. It's my Lord and Savior, and without the knowledge of His love for me and my son, I could never get through a day like today.

I covet your prayers for Chase as he undergoes this heart catheterization. Our hope is that it remains a diagnostic procedure and doesn't require any intervention, although if they do find anything that needs attention, now is the time to address it. I'm hopeful Chase handles the anesthesia well and comes out of it without any pain.

We should receive updates every hour to hour and a half. I'll post updates here as I get them.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet boy!

Here are a few pics from this morning:

Loving the iPad.

Versed on board and he's happy as a clam. Here he's putting the bubblegum-scented oxygen mask on Mickey.

The ride to the cath lab. He started in the middle of the gurney but started leaning over as we went along.

So. Very. Out of it. This was right before Dr. W took him into the cath lab. My sweet little Rock Star. I love him so.

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