Thursday, March 31, 2011

Post-Cath Update

I'm so glad to have Chase's cath behind us. And for all intents and purposes, we shouldn't have to head back in for any procedures or surgeries for a YEAR! Yay! I don't even want to think about going in for the Fontan, so I'm totally gonna block that out of my mind for the next 12 months (or until whatever point in which I'm forced to deal with it). I'm so proud of my little man! He did so great!

I knew this one would (hopefully) be easier than the last one, our pre-Glenn cath in February 2010. For that procedure, we knew he would stay intubated afterward and recover in an ICU, which is not the standard practice, but was a safety measure we went with based on his previous history with anesthesia. It was so hard to see him after that cath. He looked like he had just come out of surgery!

Pre-Glenn Cath, February 25, 2010
This time around he looked MUCH better! See?

Pre-Fontan Cath, March 28, 2011
Adorable Toy Story hospital gown courtesy of Heartfelt Couture.

Couldn't help but take a pic of the monitor... See that 96? That's his o2! Wow, right?! He was on oxygen though, so it doesn't count. I just thought it was cool to see it so high for a change! :)
Look at that o2!
After being awake for a bit, drinking 12 sippy cups of apple juice and eating most of a banana, our little guy started to perk up!

What cath procedure?
After four hours of hourly vitals in the same day area, we were allowed to transfer to the floor, 8D. It used to be 7C, but they recently moved to a new floor and I must say the rooms are much nicer! We settled in for the night and were so happy to see some of our nurses from previous stays. Everyone commented on how BIG Chase has gotten!

Post-Oreo smirk.
Chase and I had a pretty good night. He slept for about 2 hours, was up for another 2, then slept for 3. It was nice to get some sleep on the floor! That was a rare "treat" during our previous two stays. Tuesday morning we needed to go for a chest x-ray and an echo before we could be approved for discharge.

Behaving nicely and cooperating for his echo.

Ready to get outta town!

We returned home Tuesday afternoon and it was obvious our boy was glad to be back home. A short nap, a quick shower and little dinner later, he was very much back to himself. Yay! He's been improving even more each day and honestly, you wouldn't know he'd been through a heart cath on Monday if you saw him for yourself.

Case in point. After lunch yesterday:

We were playing "Where's Chase?" while he was covered in Oreo goo. Good times!

I'm SO COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY looking forward to releasing all of us from our cold/flu/RSV season and pre-cath bubble!!! That day will be here before I know it (I hope) and we can finally get out there and enjoy doing fun stuff again! Yay!

Thanks again to our friends and family for the prayer support during this week! God clearly had His hands on our boy and brought him through this procedure successfully. Thank you, Lord!

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  1. First of all, does Chase always cooperate for his echos like that?! Second of all, he looks GREAT! So happy you're home and can soon get out and about with the kiddos. I'm with you - blocking out the Fontan until absolutely necessary. Aly gives us great HOPE! Hugs!

  2. Yea Chase! I'm so glad everything went so well. I cannot stop laughing at his post oreo smirk picture. Too funny!! :)

  3. A pciture is worth 1,000 words... thank you for sharing pics of your sweet Chase with us. He looks so great and I am thankful he is recovering so quickly at home. What a blessing. Truly.