Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've Been Keeping a Little Secret...

...We're Home!!!

OhMyGoodness! I'm just full of little surprises these days, huh?! It's been killing me to not share what we've been up to over the past 48 hours or so! See, Chase was discharged from MUSC on Monday, which still completely amazes me (my boy is such a miracle!!!). We didn't tell anybody we'd left the hospital because my mom was coming to Charleston that night and I wanted to surprise her by having her grandson with me when I greeted her at the door (she was quite shocked and excited, by the way). Hubs and I pretty much decided we didn't have any real reason to stay in Charleston any longer than absolutely necessary, so imagine our surprise when found out Chase's ENT follow-up and swallow study aren't actually until the first week of January! Ack! I know, I know... I lied. I told y'all it was next week so that everyone would believe we would be staying in Charleston for another week. I did that because I wanted to surprise the rest of my family and our friends back home by coming home early! So we decided to head home yesterday (Wednesday) with the intent of surprising everybody at our church choir's Christmas musical Saturday night. Only, I decided it would really suck to be home for 3 whole days without telling anybody. So I ended up going to their dress rehearsal tonight and surprising some of my most favorite people on this planet! It was so awesome to see their shock n' awe since nobody was expecting to see me. It was great!! So yes, we're finally back in our home sweet home, and we're not due back at MUSC until the first week of January, which we're planning to be a quick day trip. I'm so very glad to be hoe, but I know it'll be tough because from this point forward, we're on lock-down. We're in a bubble. I can't take my boy anywhere (except Dr. appointments), so my family can't go out to eat, go to church, go visit with friends/family... ugh. I'll probably be really sick of being home soon enough, but for now, boy am I ever enjoying it!!

So yesterday was a L-O-N-G day!! We started packing Tuesday evening and it went on all day Wednesday. We didn't hit the road until 4PM for our 3-1/2 hour trip home. Chase was such a trooper! He did such a great job and literally slept the whole way home! LO did great, too, apparently, but she rode with Gramma so I can't say for sure. You should've seen LO when we got to our wonderful home last night. She was in awe! This morning she woke up, came running out into the living room, and thanked us for bringing her home, thanked us for her kitchen center, thanked us for her toys, etc... It was adorable!!

Chase has been settling in nicely. He's been much more tired and much less hungry the past 2 days, but I'm hopeful he's just getting used to his family home. We have an appointment in the morning with his pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Horne, and I'm hopeful we'll have a great check-up and we'll get lots of information from him about the nuances of caring for a sweet little heart baby.

Whew! It feels so good to get all of this out in the open. I'm horrible at keeping secrets, so I'm sure I'll sleep much better tonight knowing that everybody now knows that my sweet family and I are all finally home where we belong!


  1. Congrats to you and your family!!! Such great news. :))))))

  2. Home where you belong is exactly right. I wondered why you would be sooo tired last night (according to your facebook post). I even wondered if you were packing, but put that thought aside. Guess the intuition was right. Randy said you looked great and it was wonderful to see you. Having family and friends around for support will make all the difference, even if they aren't coming over for visits. At least you have one, very well qualified babysitter in the family!
    Looking forward to watching this true miracle of yours as he continues to grow.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! He is a little rock star...and you have to be so happy to have everyone home for the holidays.

  4. so glad you are home. i hope dr. horne had positive things to say. I have learned that dr. horne isn't as conservative as MUSC or even your pediatrician. He told us that we CAN'T live in a bubble and to get out (not the baby, of course) and just be cautious of sick people. I hope you can find a happy median. feel free to call or email if you need to "compare notes".