Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recycled Fun

Tonight Chase got to play with one of LO's favorite toys from when she was a baby. It's a Fisher-Price Rainforest playtime Gym complete with lights and sounds! He really seemed to enjoy this experience -- and his sister did, too! I think she was wanting to show him how to play with it. :) The fun times ended when LO decided to play with her little basketball instead and bounced it right smack onto her little brother's head. He was definitely not a fan of being hit in the head, but he did spend a good 10 minutes scoping out his new toy! It was so cute to watch him being so alert and even cooing a bit! Much more fun than watching him sleep!

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  1. This made me smile! Chase looks great and its wonderful to see him at home doing normal baby things. He looks a lot like LO in this video. I love the Christmas pictures, too! Hope you managed to get your shopping done!

  2. 1) Can't say I am surprised she hit him with the basketball!
    2) More videos, please!