Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recent Fun

Well, I haven't been posting much lately because there really hasn't been anything overly interesting to share with you guys! The past few days have involved feedings, diaper changes, pumpings, diaper changes, naps, pajamas all day, naps, diaper changes and an occasional shower every now and then. So again, nothing overly interesting to share with you guys!

Yesterday LO and I made cookies! It was a lot of fun! She's getting so good at helping and doing things all by herself! Here she is painting the cookies:

Now it's time to wait for them to finish baking:

FINALLY! It's time to eat the cookies!


Here's a random shot of my girlie:

I just love her cute crazy hair!

She's good at keeping an eye on her little brother:

He's a really good sleeper!

I totally love his nursery and jungle bedding:

He loves his bouncy seat as much as LO did when she was his age!

Today I finally left my house for the first time since Sunday night. I went to do some Christmas shopping for the kids and desperately tried to find some cute somewhat-matching outfits for them to wear for a good Christmas picture. Unfortunately, there were slim pickin's out there and I was less than happy with what I ended up with. Oh, well! I'll post those pics once I take 'em! I was also on the hunt for some Christmas stockings for the kiddos. My goodness!! What a pain! I got tired of my search and decided to order some online from Pottery Barn Kids. Earlier this evening, I let LO sit with my at the computer and look at all of the adorable stockings available at Pottery Barn. Aren't they SOOOOO cute??

So which one did my "girlie-girl" choose??

Ya. Of all the cute stockings with the snowman, reindeer, Santa, ballerina... my girl chose the train. Ugh. I tried really hard to convince her to choose the snowman but she was NOT having it. Alrighty then. Now I'll have a fun story to share when she's a teenage girl with a train stocking.

So I let her pick out one for her brother. This is what she chose:

Ah, the joys of a 2-year-old! She keeps me young, sort of! So that's pretty much what we've had going on lately! :)


  1. Is it possible she looks that much older after just a month? I miss her and her crazy hair so much! And I have to say, as soon as I saw the stocking picture I figured she picked the train. It will definitely make for a good story :)

  2. We got Ian a stocking from there last year (with Santa on it) and I just love it.

    Merry Christmas!