Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Almost There

Well, it's 12:02 AM and hubs and I are ready to catch some zzzz's. We left our little fella around 11:30 PM in the capable hands of our night nurse. He had a good catnap in mommy's arms but then seemed ready for the late-night PCICU party before we left.

So he's been off oxygen for over 14 hours now and has been holding steady. In fact, it seems like he's improving a bit because he's been trending in the high 70s to low 80s all afternoon. The big test will be tonight during his "good sleep" period. Last night he dipped down to 62 and had to have the oxygen put back on. We're hoping tonight goes better and he does well without it.

IF, and I mean IF, he manages to make it through the night tonight without going back on oxygen, THEN it's almost certain that we will be discharged from the unit tomorrow without a stay on 7C. You know this is what we're praying for!!! We've asked our nurse to call if she does need to put him back on o2 during the night so we'll know better what to expect in the morning. I look forward to sharing a great report of God's answer to our prayers!

On another note, please forgive my earlier ranting about the day we had today. I've had a serious lack of sleep and an obnoxious amount of stress the past few days, and I really shouldn't take it out on the PCICU. I need to learn to deal with my own control issues as I'm sure that is the source of my problems. I just know nothing and no one is better for a child than his mommy!!!

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  1. So glad Chase is doing well!!! Sounds like you're very close to H-O-M-E! Heart hugs :)

  2. Hang in there!!! You don't have to apologize for your rants~ if you are like me, then being able to write it out always relieves my stress a litte. Chase sounds like he's doing great! Crossing my fingers and praying for a discharge to 7C today!! :) :)