Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Chest Tube & Some Oxygen, Part II

Well, Dr. Bradley did rounds this morning and said he was "inclined" to leave Chase's chest tube in for another day. Honestly, I wasn't surprised or disappointed. His output was about 24 mLs over 24 hours and they prefer it to be closer to 12 mLs over 24 hours. We're very close, but not quite there yet. He is down to 1/8L of oxygen so we're really close to losing that support as well. It sounds like the plan will be to hopefully remove the chest tube tomorrow (Monday). They'll want to keep him overnight after the chest tube is removed, so it's looking like Tuesday is our earliest discharge date. Hubs and I are totally and completely fine with this. We know it's all about Chase and his timing, not ours. It sounds like 7C is still full so I'm guessing we'll stay in the PCICU tonight and possibly tomorrow night and be discharged from here. If a bed opens up on 7C tomorrow, they might send us up there for the night and be discharged from there on Tuesday.

Chase is finally starting to act like himself again. We know he takes a good 36 hours or so to really come off of anesthesia and perk up a bit, so it wasn't surprising that he's taken awhile to get back to a more "normal" personality. We're just so very grateful for his incredibly recovery and for the amazing surgeon, doctors and staff here to care for him. We are blessed!!!

I'll keep you posted on his chest tube progress... hopefully he'll lose it tomorrow! And I'm pretty sure we'll lose the oxygen support later today or by tomorrow at the latest. My awesome boy is making his momma so proud!!!

Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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  1. So glad Chase is back to his normal adorable little self! Praying all goes well with the chest tube removal and getting him off the extra oxygen. :) We love you guys and are thankful you continue to let us join you on this journey!
    ~ Heather