Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hi, all! Chase had a good night last night and is having a great day so far today. He's weaning off the ventilator and should hopefully be extubated within a few hours. He's still rather sedated although he's off of most of the "big" pain meds. His stats all look great!

One thing we need prayer for is his ENT consult. It sounds like they want him to be seen by ENT before they clear him to start eating. If you know anything about Chase, you know he likes to eat! So if they can't come by today, it will be another day before he can eat! I also heard mention of another swallow study, which scares me!! You remember that he didn't pass his swallow study after his first surgery and was on thickened feeds until he was 10 weeks old?! I can't imagine if this happens again and I have to give up nursing for several months. Please be praying with us regarding this!

Here's a short clip of Chase from last night. He looks about the same this morning.

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