Monday, March 8, 2010

Waiting for the Plan

Somebody had his chest tube pulled this morning during rounds! We're happy to say we're third in line for a room on 7C! Chase is still on a tiny amount of oxygen support (1/4L) since he has a hard time keeping his sats up when he's mad, but we're hoping and praying he'll lose it later today. Our goal is to get to 7C today and discharged tomorrow!! Please pray along with us for this.

On an awesomely happy note, the baby that's first in line for 7C today is a little guy that was born a few weeks before Chase and has been here in the PCICU since birth. He had a slew of challenges but made a lot of improvement a while ago and will finally be heading home soon!! Praise the Lord!!!

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  1. I'm hoping the baby who's going to be going to 7 C that you mentioned is baby "A" - he was there while we were there....

    Also - we are thrilled about Chase's progress. So happy that your little man lost his chest tube (that is SO HUGE) and that he is acting like himself again. Hooray, hooray!

    Mom to Anna Grace :)