Monday, March 22, 2010


So I made a decision over a week ago but forgot to tell you! I've decided to take a hiatus from blogging. Not sure yet how long. I figure rather than go several days or weeks between posts, I'll just tell you now that there won't be any for a while! Things are good and life with two kids is amazing! Chase is doing fantastic and it's our hope and prayer that that never changes.

I'll continue to tweet every now and then (look to the right if you want to follow me on Twitter) and I'll post pics n' stuff occasionally on Facebook (post a comment if you want to be FB friends), but for now the blog will be quiet.

But never fear, I will return... eventually!



  1. ooh, yes! please find me on facebook!

  2. Yes, please add me on facebook. I would love it. Nadine McCrow

  3. Me too! Me too! I want to be "facebook friends" so I can still see adorable Chase pictures! (and LO too of course. :) )

    Jenny Boyd Lincoln