Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another 5k!

So for the record... I just wanted to share that I ran my second-ever 5k two weeks ago! If you recall, I mentioned in this post that I ran my first 5k back in June and was totally stoked to beat the time I had in my head (I was aiming for under 45 minutes and came in at 40:18!). I "trained" (I use this term very loosely) for all of 9 days before my first 5k. And my second? Zero. I trained for zero days. I figured I'd just consider this 5k a little extra cardio and wouldn't pay the slightest bit of attention to what the clock says. And I convinced my super-awesome friend H to run it with me.

The race started at 8am and I had a pretty good jog going for the beginning. But I was SO irritated because (A) I didn't sync my Nike+ shoe thingymajig with my new iPhone 4 so I couldn't track my distance of get "credit" for my run; (B) the band I was using to hold my iPhone on my arm kept slipping The. Entire. Race.; (C) my ear buds wouldn't stay in at all; (D) I almost immediately had a terrible pain in my right shoulder and my right side. So in case you can't tell, this race was NOT my best work. But I don't think I could've been more surprised and excited when I saw my time as I came across the finish line: 39:12!!!

I beat my first time by 1 minute, 6 seconds! Yay, me!!!!!

I'm already planning my next 5k for the 18th... only 2 weeks away! And I'm hopeful I can convince myself to somewhat train for this one... at least a little bit. :)

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