Thursday, September 2, 2010


cute |kyoōt|
  1. attractive in a pretty or endearing way : a cute kitten.
cute•ly adverb
cute•ness noun

early 18th cent. (in the sense [clever, shrewd] ): shortening of acute.

So now that we all know the definition of cuteness, let's take a look at a few images that define the word:

Yes, that's right, folks! Somebody had some 10 month pictures taken last Saturday! Is he not the definition of cuteness? He did absolutely amazing and we had a TON of adorable pictures to choose from. He was ALL smiles! I took him to a new studio and have to say I was shocked at how awesome it all went. First of all, it's a small studio that recently relocated from a location that was waaaay too far for me to drive to. So yay! Secondly, we were the ONLY appointment scheduled at the time and never ran into customers before or after our session. I loved the one-on-one attention. And the best part? Our photographer has a teenage son who has had a variety of medical problems (unfortunately--but he's doing well now!) so she knew EXACTLY how to handle us without us having to ask! She washed her hands before beginning our session. She sprayed down everything that Chase would sit on with Lysol and then dried it off with a paper towel before I put him in each chair. She was also smart enough to save the shots of him on his belly 'til the very end, since she imagined he probably wasn't a big fan of tummy time (boy was she right!). Overall it was without a doubt the very best photo experience I've EVER had with either of my kids! I can't thank her enough for how great she was! We will DEFINITELY be back in 2 months for Chase's ONE YEAR PICTURES!!!

Hope y'all enjoy these pics of my handsome little cutie as much as I do! :)

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