Monday, September 20, 2010

Pray for Joshua!

Please pray for sweet little Joshua. He's had a VERY rough morning and his poor mama is understandably a mess! Here's a quote from her blog:
What we know right now is that he has severe acidosis. Basically his lungs are hogging his oxygen and his body isn't getting enough. This came on quickly and with no warning. His 5am blood work came back all within the normal ranges.

Right now, his shunt is open, and blood is flowing. The cardiologist wants to treat him for the acidosis and go from there. He also is going to talk to the surgeon and talk about the possibility of the shunt being too big. If that is the case he will be looking at another open heart surgery.
This is such a difficult journey to be on -- especially when standing over your helpless child, who is struggling to breathe, and you are completely unable to help him! Please please please stop what you're doing right now and say a prayer for this sweet boy and his mama! God hears and answers prayer!

Thank you!!!

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