Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To our Church Friends & Family

Thank you so much for following our journey and lifting us up in prayer!

We appreciate your comments but would like to ask you to refrain from mentioning us by name in any of your comments. Although you may know us personally, I keep this blog anonymous and do not post our names or hometown for safety and security reasons. We did provide Chase's name on the blog to make it easier for family and friends to pray for him, but we refer to our daughter as LO ("little one"), my husband as hubs and I am mom2lo. Please do your best to keep from mentioning our first or last names on the blog.

Thank you for your understanding!!! We love you all and appreciate your support!!!

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My Sweet Boy!

We just got back seeing Chase for the first time following his surgery. We could only stay for about 5 minutes as they need another 2 hours to continue to get him settled and get his pain under control. I can't wait to spend time by his side soon!

I took some pictures today and I'm posting them in a very specific order. The first one is from far away, then a close-up followed by a picture that shows his battle wounds from today's surgery. You may not want to scroll down to see all the pics... Consider yourself warned!

Here he is resting comfortably in his new crib in bed 4:

Scroll down only if you want to!

This is a close-up of his sweet face. You can see how swollen he is feom the fluids. We've been told he's going to have "the mother of all migraines" as the upper half of his body adjusts to the changes in his blood pressure.

This last one is the hardest to look at. Be warned!

Here he is with most of his lines and tubes showing. He's heavily medicated and isn't in pain, praise God!

We'll spend some time with him later tonight and get the good scoop from the nurses (the ones who are REALLY in the know!).

Thank you so much for your prayers for our little Rock Star today. God definitely has had His hand on Chase and has answered the prayers of His people!!!

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We met with Dr. Bradley a few moments ago to discuss Chase's surgery. Everything went very well! He was able to patch the pulmonary arteries and connect the SVC to the pulmonary artery. It turns out he WAS able to access his coarctation and patch that narrowing as well, which is a wonderful blessing! Hopefully that will eliminate the need for us to bring him back for additional balloon procedures in the cath lab. Praise the Lord!!!

We were told we should be able to go back to see him in the PCICU around 4:15 PM, so I'm counting the seconds!!!

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Glenn Surgery is Finished!

3:08 PM - They have just arrived over to PCICU. Dr. Bradley will be over shortly after getting baby Chase tucked in.

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Glenn Update #7

2:09 PM - They are off heart lung bypass, everything going as planned. Baby Chase remains stable. Will be over to PCICU in about 45 minutes to an hour.

Yay! Praise the Lord!!!

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Glenn Update #6

1:04 PM - Soon to come off heart lung bypass, all is well, baby Chase is very stable.

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Glenn Update #5

12:03 PM (sorry this is posted late... we were eating lunch) - So we are about 75% of the way there, all continues to go well.

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Glenn Update #4

11:09 AM - They are better than half way there, all is well, baby Chase remains stable.

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Glenn Update #3

10:09 AM - They are working away, he is on heart-lung bypass, all is going well.

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Glenn Update #2

8:47 AM - All is going well in the OR, anesthesia went well, they are now working with the scar tissue, typical amount this far, baby Chase is very stable.

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Glenn Update #1

I just handed over my sweet boy to the anesthesia team to take him back and begin the procedure. We won't get our first pager update until 9:00 AM so it'll be quiet here on the blog until then.

Please continue to keep our precious son in your prayers this morning and throughout the day. We've been told the surgery will probably go until at least 2:00 PM.

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