Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sorry to disappoint, but I'm taking a much-needed mental health break today and am not discussing LO's behavioral challenges nor our recent efforts at thwarting them. No news is good news, right? Right.

Instead, I offer you the most lame post ever written. I happened to grab a Happy Meal for LO yesterday (it's been eons since we've frequented the local McDonald's establishment), and rather than ask for a girl toy (it was a tiny My Little Pony that I knew she wouldn't have anything to do with), I asked for a boy toy, which happened to be a truck of some sort (talk about making LO's day).

After she finished her lunch, I opened her toy and discovered this:

That's a pretty awesome, cool-looking, exciting little plastic truck, huh? Geez. Then I looked further and found these:

Seriously? Who in their right mind has that kind of time or energy or patience to sit and peel off all of these tiny stickers? Really. And seriously, where are they supposed to go? Next slide, please.

Ya. There's your diagram. Hope you didn't have any plans for this weekend or next for that matter. Ohmyword. Thanks, McDonald's.

I obviously chose to give LO the truck and stickers so she could let her little imagination run wild and do with those tiny stickers whatever she wanted. Good times.

And, just because he's so totally cute, here's a pic of what Chase was doing while I was grocery shopping this morning before we had to pick LO up from school:

Ain't he the cutest?

Promise I'll return tomorrow with the next post in my series of our current crazy life. :)

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