Monday, March 28, 2011

Cath Update

Cath was successful! He had no negative reactions to the anesthesia. The LPA narrowing measured 3.5 and was ballooned to 5. There was no restriction in the blood flow where the narrowing was, so that was a blessing. His valve showed a mild regurgitation, which was previously only trace (not an improvement). His pressures and heart function looked great. There was one large collateral that he had to coil. He didn't see any reason to rush his Fontan -- meaning we will probably have about a year 'til his next surgery, and he shouldn't require another cath beforehand.

Overall we got great news. Now we need to keep him flat and still for another 30 minutes (he's still sedated for now so that helps). Should head to an overnight room on the floor in a few hours once he's awake and alert.

Thank you for your prayers today!

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  1. WOW, this is FANTASTIC news (other than the slight TRV regurg - but we'll ignore that for now in light of all the other good news you just got!) Praise God!!! xoxo

  2. Yay, yay, YAY! I'm so glad for the good news (of course minus the regurg.) but I'm SO happy to hear things are good for waiting for the Fontan for a while! Woo hoo for great pressures and heart function! :)

  3. Good report -- hope recovery is smooth and you are sailing on home soon!!
    (Townes had moderate regurgitation all through Fontan/Arch Reconstruction and now it is "less moderate" but know these hypoplasts are pretty tough on that tricuspid valve.)
    THANKS for updating!!

  4. Well, bless G-d! Sorry for the one non-improvement but SO THANKFUL for the overall news. Look forward to seeing you all!

  5. I know you must be relieved. Even with one little change in the valve, everything else sounds great and waiting on the Fontan sounds even better! Hope you rest tonight and are heading home early tomorrow.