Friday, March 25, 2011

Still Sewing!

Guys. I'm totally hooked. Seriously. This sewing stuff is ridiculously exciting and so much fun!

For my next project, I decided to make a messenger tote that I could use as a laptop bag. I already have this sleeve that provides all the necessary protection for my MacBook; I just needed a bag to carry it in (along with the power cord and other miscellaneous computery stuff).

I found a totally cute tote by Springs Creative at Walmart Wednesday night. I cut the pieces out yesterday and I just sewed it together this morning! It was supposed to be my weekend project (I wanted to have it finished before we take Chase to MUSC for his heart catheterization next week), but it was so easy and fun, I finished it in no time at all! I think it turned out amazing! I'm still completely shocked that I can turn a piece of fabric into something so stylish and functional!

On a side note, I happened to enter the weekly giveaway on Springs Creative's blog and -- GUESS WHAT?! -- I won!! I never win anything! But I won another messenger tote in a different pattern that I should receive soon. How exciting, right? It looks like this one:

Cute, right?

Anywho, let me show you my pics of my latest triumph!

My new messenger tote project, thanks to Creative Cuts by Springs Creative.
A "before" of the cute fabric (it really is cute... the colors in the pic from my iPhone don't do it justice).
And... the "after" pic! Ain't it cute?!
It's the perfect size for my 13" MacBook in the sleeve, and I love the contrasting print inside.
Thought I'd get a better model for this project rather than model it myself (like the apron). LO likes it, too!
So it goes without saying that I'm loving these creative craft kits. They're obviously easy enough that a novice like me can be successful (side note: no, this is not a paid endorsement for Springs Creative -- LOL!). I'm just having so much fun, I want to share with you all!

I'm a little scared at the thought of purchasing an actual pattern and actual fabric and then getting the pieces all together by myself, but I'm sure I'll give it a try very soon. But in the meantime, I'm gonna see what other kits are available since it's so much quicker and easier than doing it all myself from scratch. :)

And it goes without saying that these little craft projects have been a wonderful distraction from the fact that Chase goes in for a heart catheterization next week. I'm not very excited, knowing this will be an invasive procedure involving general anesthesia and intubation as well as intervention (ballooning the LPA). I keep trying to push it out of my mind (focusing on fun things like being a first-time sewer -- wait, that looks like sewer, maybe I mean seamstress, except that gives me way more props than I've earned), but I know it's gonna happen and I just have to deal with it. God already knows the outcome and our job is to just trust Him. Easier said than done sometimes.

Oh, I feel a cath-related blog post coming on... ((sigh))


  1. I love to sew. Glad to see you had so much fun creating! Before you know it you'll be sewing for you children. Little skirts, shorts, aprons and even hats. There are so many fun fabrics out there and Joanne's always has a discount coupon in the paper. Enjoy!

  2. You're giving me the fever! I just might have to check out those little kits at Walmart! Did I mention that I OWN a sewing machine but have never used it? Is it still possible for me to create something this adorable and have no skill at all? I think by now you surely deserve the title "seamstress!"

    Praying for that cath!!!

  3. Hey! My comment got deleted! Crap - did I write something that bothered you? Too bad I really can't remember what I wrote except that you should try a halter dress. Hmmm...who knew that was so offensive? Sorry about that...your work is great mama! :-)